Bringing Home the Treasures

Ships Returning Home

by Max Ehrmann

We are all ships returning home
laden with life’s experience,
memories of work, good times and sorrows,
each with his special cargo.
And it is our common lot to show
the marks of the voyage,
here a shattered prow, there a patched
rigging, and every hulk
turned black by the unceasing
batter of the restless wave.
May we be thankful for fair weather
and smooth seas, and in times of storm,
have the courage and patience
that mark every good mariner.
And over all, may we have
the cheering hope of joyful meetings,
as our ship at last drops anchor in
the still water of the eternal harbor.


My response to today’s WordPress prompt: fortune

In spite of all the tales about its ancient origins, the Desiderada was also written by Max Ehrmann, 1872-1945.


Remembering Dad

I’ve wanted to reblog this post for awhile now, and today I think it fits very well with our Daily prompt word: praise.
What beautiful memories Stacey has to treasure!

In The Corner

I’m not sure if it is morose to always remember this day, or respectful?  For me, however, today is a day that was forever seared into my memory.  It was four years ago today that my Dad passed away.  It was peaceful and swift and almost without incident.  It was almost a non-event- had it not been for the fact that I still grieve for him to this day.

It was seven o’clock at night.  I have heard it said that you are more likely to pass away at the time of day when you were more active.  Morning people, for example, tend to pass away in the morning.  My Dad was a night person.  He sure liked to sleep in.  He would have never done well in a nursing home where there is a regime of breakfast at 8:00 am, lunch at noon, and dinner at 6:00.  Being home…

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