An Attitude of Gratitude


by Edgar Guest

Be grateful in the morning for the day that lies before;
be grateful in the evening that you still have strength in store.
What if you come a failure home – there’s rest when you get in
and those who keep their faith in you believe you’re going to win.

The coward wears his failures long and lets them weigh him down,
and so with sullen eyes he goes forever through the town,
he thinks the gods have picked him out as one to trample low,
and he’s a beaten man before his rival strikes a blow.

Be grateful for the dawning day and all that it may bring;
don’t carry yesterdays about like buttons on a string;
press forward to the field once more – one victory’s all you need.
You’ll laugh at failures you have had the minute you succeed.

The fighting heart may some day win, the quitter never can;
there’s many a battle turns upon the spirit of a man;
and who begins the day with faith, despite his failures past,
may see the tide of victory turn and roll his way at last.

“Appreciation is the highest form of prayer, for it acknowledges the presence of good wherever you shine your thankful thoughts.”  — Alan Cohen


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